Professional Hairstyling Diploma Program - The Beauty Academy
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Professional Hairstyling Diploma Program

Excellent Training . Best Tuition Fees in Ottawa . 20 Years Training Hairstylist / Esthetician

1500 hrs program. As required by Ministry of training Colleges and universities ( MTCU )

Prepare our students with wide range of skills making for a highly marketable professional.

No other industry has such a constant demand for qualified, creative well-trained graduates. None offer such bright opportunities for an individual to start a personal business and work toward financial independence. Another reward is the professional satisfaction that can have with each client. Your artistic skills and training give you the potential of changing someone’s life by making them look good and feel beautiful, possibly for the first time.

The Beauty Academy has a well-defined mandate to prepare our students for their careers in today’s ever changing and demanding Hair Styling World. We offer a full range of training modules that have been custom suited to the beauty industry and the demands of the public. All phases of the curriculum are intense, in-depth and modern, creating a stylist with an excellent knowledge base and potential to become a highly artistic Hairstylist.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will constantly remind the student that Hairstyling and fashion go hand in hand in the world of beauty, Hairstyling can be your ticket to the world of personal creativity. Thus the student will quickly enter the employment market, thanks to the most “avant-garde” techniques they have learned at the Beauty Academy.

The curriculum includes (Program consists of theory and intense hands on practical experience working in a salon environment. Students are required to work on clients to gain maximum experience.)

  • Professional Development: Will enable you to maintain a healthy body and mind, professional status and positive relationships with clients and co-workers.
  • Salon Business: Ability to be knowledgeable in many areas of business, including communication, public relations, sales promotion, sales and marketing-retailing, and conduct & ethics communication in the workplace. Understanding relationships between the stylist, public and salon management. Structure, operations and requirements for the practice of a good business. Identify which job offer to accept by recognizing: (the steps necessary to search for a job, questions to be asked during an interview and the potential job benefits that an employer might offer.)
  • Salon Ecology: Your understanding of salon ecology will help you to recognize the structure and function of bacteria and viruses by their types, classifications, growth and reproduction pattern. Relationship to the spread of infection.
  • Chemistry: Helps you use a variety of products. How to protect hair and scalp during chemical service, and how to understand product ingredients.
  • Design Decisions: Involve your knowledge of the body and its proportions, your ability to communicate, and you’re understanding of how to create exciting and successful hair and make-up styles.
  • Trichology: Knowledge of all phases of hair growth, of common hair and scalp disorders, causes and treatments of hair loss, draping, shampoo and scalp treatment.
  • Haircutting: Knowing and understanding the theory of haircutting along with the ability to perform hair cutting procedures. Advanced haircutting, razor cutting and texturizing.
  • Hairstyling: Teaches you the foundation of many creative ways to style hair. Fingerwaves, Skip Waving, Molding, Blow-Drying, Pincurls, Rollers, Long hair styling procedures, French twist, braids and barbering.
  • Wigs and Hair Additions: Teaches you the fundamentals on helping clients by offering a variety of wig styles and hair additions.
  • Chemical Texturizing: Teaches and demonstrates the fundamental theory and procedures of perming, curl reforming, chemical relaxing and Advanced Perming.
  • Hair Coloring: Color theory, identifying existing hair color, changing existing hair color, highlights, foil highlights, hair color problems and solutions.