Professional Development Certificate Program - The Beauty Academy
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Professional Development Certificate Program

Excellent Training . Best Tuition Fees in Ottawa . 20 Years Training Hairstylist / Esthetician

Manicure: 3 days program

Anatomy and Physiology of the hands, arms and parts of the nail. Structure disorders, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitization and sterilization. Massage of the hands and lower arms, hand treatments and paraffin treatments. Shaping nails and nail polish application.

Pedicure: 3 days program

Anatomy and Physiology of the feet and legs. Parts of the nail and its structure, nail and foot disorders and foot treatments, paraffin treatment, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization massage of the feet and lower legs. Removal of corns and callous, application of polish and changing overall appearance of the feet and nails.

Waxing: 3 days program

Application of hot liquid, cream, and cold wax. Study of hair, step by step waxing treatment for face and body. Contraindications, hygiene, sanitation and sterilization.

Make-up: 4 days program

Students will cover in theory and demonstrations every area and knowledge expected by a make-up artist such as: the study of the color wheel, seasons, face shapes, contouring, highlighting, corrective techniques for eyes, nose, mouth etx. Make-up application such as evening look dramatic, fantasy, photography, (black and white and color, mature women, and make-up for runway. Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting are included.

Facials: 4 days program

Studies include: the cells and anatomy of the face and neck. Different skin types and the knowledge to know the special needs of the client. The use and purpose of machines such as the vaporizer, high frequency, disincrsutation, spray and suction and brushing machines. History of the structure and functions of distinct layers of the skin. Facial procedures like extractions, steaming, analyzing, massage, applying products, Use of vials, exfoliators, algaes, clay masks, rubber masks and many other products. Students also learn about the systems and how it can affect the skin. Skin disorders and contraindications.

Laser Hair Removal Certificate Program: 4 days program

This portion of the program gives the student the opportunity to be employed as a Laser Hair Removal Technician. Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming one of the fastest growing services in the Beauty Industry.

Microdermabrasion Certificate Program: 3 days program

This portion of the program instructs in gradual and safe skin resurfacing known as Microdermabrasion. This course will give the esthetician the knowledge and ability to offer this very lucrative and important service.

Eyelash Extension Certificate Program: 2 days program

This certificate programs allows a student to learn the basic and advanced applications of eyelash extensions such as individual eyelash applications, volume lash applications, 2D& 3D as well as hygiene, sanitation and sterilization. Eyelash Extensions is one of Hollywood’s most famous growing trends in the Beauty Industry and has is becoming more popular all around the world.