Medical Spa Diploma Program - The Beauty Academy
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Medical Spa Diploma Program

Excellent Training . Best Tuition Fees in Ottawa . 20 Years Training Hairstylist / Esthetician

Laser Curriculum:

This portion of the program gives the student the opportunity to be employed as a Laser Hair Removal Technician. Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming one of the fastest growing services in the Beauty Industry.

Course Content Includes: Laser and light energy interactions with tissue, Laser safety, anatomy, physiology and pathology- Modes of Laser operation- Laser specifications and interactions with tissue-Hair Anatomy and Development-Clinical results or Lase Hair removal-Ocular Protection, treatment, procedures and protocols, proper treatment procedure.

Microdermabrasion Curriculum:

This portion of the program instructs in gradual and safe skin resurfacing known as Microdermabrasion. This course will give the esthetician the knowledge and ability to offer this very lucrative and important service.

Course Content Includes: Understanding Microdermabrasion Treatment Protocol-different applications of Microdermabrasion.

Electrolysis Curriculum:

This course allows a student to use electrolysis as a permanent hair removal treatment. Electrolysis continues to remain the only permanent method of hair removal for all hair types. Electrolysis Technicians will understand hair and its growth and be able to offer this service to clients. This course is a suggested pre-requisite for Laser Hair Removal.

Course Content Includes: Histology and Structure of the hair- Biological Causes of Hair Growth-Modalities of Electrolysis-Understanding of needle and its parts- Bacteriology and Sterilization- Electricity Neurology and Angiology Dermatology. Practical Application and Techniques-Integrity in Electrolysis.

Micro-Needling Curriculum:

Course Content Includes: Introduction to Micro-Needling Science, Micro-Needling Depth and Speed Chart- Layers of the skin- Functions of the skin- Indications and Contraindication of Micro-Needling- Benefits of Micro-Needling such as Acne & Acne scars, Aging Skin, Stretch Marks, Absorption of Active Ingredients, Hair Loss- Before and After Care- Patient Home preparation- Post-Operative Treatment- Treatment Recovery Time- Client Consultation for Micro-Needling Acknowledgement.