Medical Esthetician Diploma Program 30 Weeks program - The Beauty Academy
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Medical Esthetician Diploma Program 30 Weeks program

Excellent Training . Best Tuition Fees in Ottawa . 20 Years Training Hairstylist / Esthetician

The Beauty Academy intensive Medical Esthetician program is geared for the student who wishes to become a full-service Medical Esthetician with the added knowledge of both temporary and permanent hair removal. Training is focused on the perfection and mastery of face and body care techniques and our team of highly skilled professional instructors will quickly teach the students to become professional in the field of a Medical Esthetician.

Students will earn Diploma as Medical Esthetician

The curriculum includes

This program consists of theory and intense hands on practical assignment working in a salon environment. (Students are provided with maximum hands on practical experience by performing practical assignment


This program gives the student the opportunity and Certification for employment as a Laser Hair Removal Technician. Laser hair removal is presently a top service in demand in the Beauty Industry.


This program instructs in gradual and safe skin resurfacing known as Microdermabrasion. The curriculum and practical training provides the Esthetician with the knowledge and skill set to provide this very lucrative and important service. The course content includes:

  • Understanding Microdermabrasion
  • Treatment Protocol
  • Different apparatus and applications of Microdermabrasion
  • Use of Corundum Crystals


Electrolysis is a permanent Hair Removal Treatment. This service is notorious as it remains the only Permanent method of Hair Removal, for all types of Hair. Electrology. The Technician will accomplish the study of hair and its growth prior to offering this service to Clients. This course is a suggested pre-requisite for The Laser Hair Removal program. The curriculum includes:

  • Histology and structure of the Hair
  • Biological Causes of Hair Growth
  • Modalities of Electrolysis * Filaments
  • Information Bacteriology and Sterilization
  • Electricity Neurology and Angiology
  • Dermatology: Practical Application and Techniques
  • Integrity in Electrolysis
  • Manicure: Anatomy and Physiology of the hands, arms and parts of the nail. Structure disorders, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitization and sterilization. Massage of the hands and lower arms, hand treatments and paraffin treatments. Shaping nails and professional nail polish application
  • Pedicure:Anatomy and Physiology of the feet and legs. Parts of the nail and structure, nail and foot disorders and foot treatments, paraffin treatment, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization, massage of the feet and lower legs. Removal of corns and callous, application of polish and changing overall appearance of the feet and nails
  • Waxing: Application of hot liquid, cream, and cold wax. Study of hair, step by step waxing treatment protocol for face and body. Contraindications, hygiene, sanitation and sterilization

Professional Make-up Artistry

  • This curriculum details the theory of Color * tools of the trade, specializing in contemporary application of the eye area and face contouring
  • Lip color applications as well as correction techniques for the lip
  • Diminishing techniques for lines, advanced wrinkles and scars
  • The knowledge of foundations, product analysis and appropriate choice according to skin type
  • Eyelash product and application in addition to eye brow and eye lash tinting
  • Application of Bridal make-up, Runway make-up application, and Fantasy make-up

Skin Care

Professional Cleansing * Exfoliating of the skin * Extraction Protocol as well as study and application of the 25 manipulations for Facial Massage

Physiology and Histology of the Skin, Layers and the Glands of the Skin

  • Client consultation and Skin Analysis
  • Cells, Tissues, organs and systems of the body
  • Bacteriology, Sterilization & Disinfections
  • Enemies of the Skin
  • Skin Nutrition
  • Allergies, Pollution & the Effects of Pollution

Disorders of The Skin

  • The curriculum provides an in depth knowledge of the Skins Disorders
  • Diseases of The Skin
  • Analyzing Skin disorders and anomalies

Chemistry and Product Analysis

  • The history of phototherapy, Aromatherapy, Chemistry & Physiology and
  • Anatomy of the hand and nails
  • Alfotherapy * Application of these techniques within the Skin Care Center

Advanced Skin Care

  • Preparation and application of Algae masks * Modeling Masks
  • Clay Masks * Galvanic Treatments
  • High frequency with electrodes * Vacuum Spray
  • Use of Mechanical Rotary Brush * Acne Treatments

Retail Business

  • Skill set for Promoting Your Business
  • Management Techniques
  • Financial Management
  • Retailing


Studies include:

  • The cells and anatomy of the face and neck.
  • Different skin types and the knowledge to know the special needs of the client
  • The use and functions of machines such as the vaporizer, high frequency, disincrsutation, spray and suction as well as brushing machines.
  • History of the structure and functions of distinct layers of the skin. Facial procedures like extractions, steaming, analyzing, massage, applying products,
  • Use of vials, exfoliators, algae, clay masks, rubber masks and many other products.
  • Study the systems and how they affect the skin.
  • Skin disorders and contraindications.

Aromatherapy: Therapeutic and holistic essential oils to relieve many common ailments. To increase lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation, and detoxify the body leaving one feeling revitalized.

Body Treatments: Cell reproduction and cells anatomy of body, Back Treatments (cleansing) relaxation body massage, aromatherapy, basic cellulite massage, ale wrap, paraffin for back, salt glow, lymphatic drainage and basic reflexology. Knowledge of how to prevent cellulite and other problems.

Business: Ability to be knowledgeable in many areas of business, including communication, public relations, sales promotion, opening own business, retailing, telephone techniques, professional image.